Welcome! I am Rick Kuenzler and The Wilderness Highway is my blog about getting through the desert wilderness of this life. Jesus is the Wilderness Highway and it is HE HIMSELF that promises to get us through based on what he has already done for us! That means it’s not about a religion or how much Bible you know, but its about getting to know the real living Jesus. I know this, because there was a time when I was a very religious man who knew a lot of bible. I was doing all the good religious activities – reading my bible, praying, getting involved in ministry, helping others, giving to missions, loving God to the best of my ability, and trying to love others as myself – but all that happened in doing these things was that I was continually tormented by guilt and condemnation from my failings. I wanted to live for Jesus and live the Christian life I read about, but every time I’d set out, I’d fail in some way or another. In doing so, I found myself up emotionally with God on the good days when I did well, but down and hiding from him on the bad days when I didn’t do so well. Ultimately I found myself lost, disgruntled, and going round and round in a veritable wilderness of trying to please God by the things I did. That’s when I hit the proverbial wall and God opened my eyes to the grace and truth that is found in Jesus…not religion… and he showed me The Wilderness Highway of Isaiah 35…and HE led me out!

A lot of people I know are trying to “make their own way” in the wilderness of this life by trying to “do what the Bible says” so that they can be “pleasing to God”, just like I was. If they do well, then they have a good day and feel good about their relationship with God; but if they have a bad day, then they feel guilty, condemned, unpleasing, and out of fellowship with God, just like I felt. Round and round they go, up and down in their relationship with God, based on their own performance, circling Mt. Sinai, lost in that wilderness just like the Hebrew children in the Old Testament. This is also described by the Apostle Paul in Romans 7 of the New Testament. The problem – not realizing they are dead to the law. The answer – Romans 8 and a NEW law – the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus! That’s The Wilderness Highway of Jesus! It is my hope and prayer that these blogs about my own journey will help others too.

If you are a wilderness wanderer yourself…seeking for something better, or if you yourself have found The Wilderness Highway that is Jesus, I’d like to welcome you to The Wilderness Highway  blog, where I can share some of my thoughts and experiences with you, and you with me. Feel free to comment, encourage, even question what you don’t understand; but I do ask that you keep it civil. It is my hope and prayer that the Spirit of God will use these stories and musings to enlighten and encourage others  in search of or on The Wilderness Highway! Glad you’re here…and be encouraged…there is a way out!

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I can relate to this, you have nailed it!

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